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Black Record Bag

Black Record Bag

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The Record Bag, your compact and stylish companion for the modern woman on-the-go. Inspired by the sleek design of a cassette tape, this black sling bag offers modern functionality and effortless style.

Phone at your fingertips: The secure sling design keeps your phone readily accessible, eliminating the need to dig through a larger bag.
Air Pods always in reach: The detachable compartment ensures your Air Pods are never out of sight, specially tailored for users who value having their wireless earbuds readily available.
Cruelty-free faux leather: Handmade with premium faux leather, and offers a luxurious feel and easy cleaning.
Organized Essentials: Multiple card slots and a dedicated cash compartment keep your essentials (credit cards, ID cards, cash) neatly organized and easily accessible.
Effortless Access: The fuss-free simple design allows you to grab your essentials quickly and efficiently, saving you time.
Versatile Companion: The sling's design offers both a phone holder and a wallet functionality, making it the perfect choice for various occasions.


We are a Non-Leather brand, and we are proud to be one!

Our brand is built on very simple principles, one of which is "No Animals Should Be Harmed!" 
All products are manufactured in the highest quality polyurethane (PU), which is an artificial leather and considered vegan. We are using the highest grade of PU for all our products so that they can last for years. 
For Lining, we have collaborated with factories where they recycle 100's of pet bottles to make recyclable polyester, we use the same in all our bags to follow our mantra of sustainable fashion and durability at the same time. 

Care Instructions

If you want your Tann Trim products to age well, below are some Guidelines for their care:

Be careful not to scratch or rub your item against rough surfaces, particularly the leatherette trim. 
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or any kind of direct source of heat (radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc.)
Beware not to use any kind of perfume, cosmetic, or any kind of alcoholic substance on the hardware of the bag, as that may lead to discoloration of the metal.
Dry & vacuum-clean your bags. You can wipe your bag with any kind of surface cleanser, but avoid excessive water & dark-colored cloth.
Keep your Tann Trim products in the jute bag provided with your order when not in use to make sure they age well.
Preserving the Gold-Plated Logo, avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials to prevent scratches or tarnishing. Clean the logo with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its luster.

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