The Multi-tasker Pouch
INR 1,899

Hand-crafted in the finest vegan leather, this organizer is versatile to fit in your every-day essentials. designed keeping in mind different work profiles, be it a make-up artist, a doctor, a painter or a tech geek, this pouch can be used by anyone & everyone on a daily basis.

  • Spacious enough to organize all your tech accessories such as charger, hard-drive ear-phone etc or your make-up & other toiletries while travelling
  • One big compartment to all your essentials
  • YKK zipper & puller used to for smooth action 
  • Small organisers on one side, can be used for makeup brushes, stationary or your tech accessories
  • Recycled polyester used as lining of the organizer
Indian Made
Cruelty Free
3 Months Germ Free Protection

If you want your Tann Trim products to age well, below are some guidelines for its care. 

Be careful not to scratch or rub your item against rough surfaces, particularly the leatherette trim. 

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or any kind of direct source of heat (radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc)

Beware not to use any kind of perfume, cosmetic or kind of alcoholic substance on the hardware of the bag as that may lead to discolouration of the metal

Dry & vacuum clean your bags, you can wipe your bag with any kind of surface cleanser but avoid excessive water & dark color cloth.

Keep your Tann Trim products in the jute bag provided with your order when not in use to make sure it ages well.

We as a company believe in selling/buying products that can last for years so that we can make an impact on our environment. It's important to take good care of all the products that you buy so that you can appreciate its beauty for many more years.


We are a non-leather brand & we are proud to be one, our brand is built on very simple principles out of which one is " NO Animals Should Be Harmed" 

All products are manufactured in the highest quality polyurethane (PU), PU is an artificial leather & considered vegan. We are using the highest grade of PU for all our products so that they can last for years. 

For Lining, we have collaborated with factories where they recycle 100's of pet bottles to make recyclable polyester, we use the same in all our bags to follow our mantra of SUSTAINABLE FASHION & DURABILITY at the same time.