Concentric Circle Studs
22 kt gold plated studs
INR 1,399

Thoughtfully designed & crafted with lots & lots of patience by the skilled artisans to bring out the right texture and finess of these minmal studs. These can become your everyday go to earrings as they have the tendency to blend so easily and effotlessly in any kind of outfit. 

Material: 22Kt Gold plated brass

Indian Made
Cruelty Free
3 Months Germ Free Protection
Story & Inspiration

This is the first collection of the brand & we as a team think it's like the first love which can never be forgotten as the experience of putting this collection together had major ups & down. The inspiration for this collection came from daily highlights of the 2020  i.e nature.

There are some things that you can only think when life slows down & 2020 was when everything else took a back seat & we started appreciating the values of the little things around us. 

 Looking at the pink sky never made us feel this happy before. Sunsets & Sunrise became our daily highlights & we were all enjoying ourselves with the magic nature was showing us & this was my inspiration point where I realise why is architecture not organic, why do we have to cut trees to make building  & then I found out about Frank Lloyd Wright buildings & his art, all dealing with organic architecture.

The amalgamation of nature & architecture inspired us to create forms & patterns around it & hence we created a collection of these versatile hand-crafted pieces.

Materials & Care

Material: Each piece of our jewellery collection is hand-made in high-quality brass & is dipped in 22 Kt Gold Solution. Every piece is different in its nature & actual weight- dimensions mentioned in the description might slightly vary from the actual piece.

Care: If you want your Tann Trim products to age well, below are some guidelines for its care. 

Be careful not to scratch or rub your item against rough surfaces,

Beware not to use any kind of perfume, cosmetic or kind of alcoholic substance on the surface as that may lead to discolouration of the metal

Dry & vacuum clean your bags, you can wipe your bag with any kind of surface cleanser but avoid excessive water & dark colour cloth.

Keep your Tann Trim products in the packaging material provided with your order when not in use to make sure it ages well.

We as a company believe in selling/buying products that can last for years so that we can make an impact on our environment. It's important to take good care of all the products that you buy so that you can appreciate its beauty for many more years.